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Protection of your vineyard’s health has never been simpler.

With VITIPORT, you can take necessary actions at the right time to maximise efficiency of fight against fungal and insect pathogens

How it works
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How it works

At the heart of the platform lie unique algorithms that integrate results of more than 25 years of research and development. Based on the evaluation of pathogen life cycles, climatic conditions and phenological stages, winegrower receives personalized advisory information for his parcel.

No Need for expensive hardware. Just a click on Google maps.

You don’t need to install any hardware devices, sensors, or meteo stations to use the Vitiport service. Simply look up and identify your vineyard on your PC or smartphone. Our software assigns it a meteorological data source and starts calculations.

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Weather conditions

Satellite, radar and terrestrial weather data for your parcel

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Mathematical algorithms

Evaluation of relevant parameters of abiotic factors

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Forecasts & recommendations

Prediction of key pathogens' development cycle and phytosanitary advice

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Revolutionary tool for viticulture

Information and recommendations for specific vineyard are clear, concise and easily understandable.

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Vitiport offers more than predictions

Accurate, personalized and biologically highly effective, as they target the most sensitive stage of pest development. You receive information about possible intervention ahead of time.

The VITIPORT platform also provides detailed weather forecast information for the upcoming 7 days, at 6 hour intervals, updated twice a day

We bring tips, new and useful information from world of viticulture. Read about innovations, various news and interviews with interesting personas.

Unique benefits
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Financial savings

No initial investment into purchase of hardware equipment and meteo stations

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Personalized recommendations

Advice adressed to GPS of specific vineyard parcel

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High efficiency of spraying/protection

Thanks to correct and precise timing

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Improved quality

Better grape quality and lowered residues

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Causal models

Accurate models even in seasons with atypical course of weather

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Reduction of environmental risks and preservation of terroir

Up to 30-40% reduction of pesticide budget

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Who can use our service?

The VITIPORT Advisory Portal is designed for anyone involved in vineyard cultivation: vineyards of various sizes, winemakers, agronomists, consultancy companies, distributors and agro/eco/bio pesticides and their manufacturers, as well as wine-growing enthusiasts.

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For own use

Do you own a vineyard or are you winegrower? If you are taking care of family viticulture or vineyard house our service allows you to apply agrichemicals in limited amounts to keep save environment while keeping efficiency of the application.

1. Create an account

Vytvorenie účtu je veľmi jednoduché

2. Register vineyard

You can register your vineyard by inserting access code, that you received after purchasing a licence (one license = one code = one vineyard). If you don't have an access code and you are interested in using our service please contact us.

3. Predictions

You can keep track of information about infection risk on your profile via your PC screen or our mobile app.

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We provide service to clients of suppliers and advisors in field of of agro/eko/bio pesticides. If you're interested in partnership, please contact us.

1. Contact us

Creating your account is simple but we need to discuss a few details with you.

2. Sign in to your account

We'll create your account and provide you access codes.

3. Distribute access codes

You can distribute available access codes in your account to your customers. Once the access code is used, it'll be marked as used in order to keep your evidence up to date.

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We currently operate in 7 European countries but are always looking for new partners. Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to hear from you.